Good Morning, Headache

I woke up at my normal time this morning, 4am.  I wake up this early, so I can take a little time to relax, check e-mail, etc. before exercising or anything else.  However, this morning I was greeted by, of all things, a headache.

It’s unusual for me to wake up with a headache (at least for the last several years anyway!).  I tried to ignore it first, but it persisted.  It even got to the point it was annoying.

I tried to continue with my day for a little bit, but I finally decided to give up.  I took two Aleve and went back to bed!

I slept like a baby until about 8:30am.  That’s right through my entire morning routine and my commute to work.

Needless to say, I was already way off track for the day.  So, I had to focus on getting myself to work.  No exercise.  No time to cook something healthy.

When I got to work, it was non-stop, as usual, until I left at 6pm.  I went home and watched television.

Although I didn’t exercise, I did manage to stay within my daily goal of 2100 calories on MyFitnessPal, so that is a win.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  I won’t wake up with a headache, and I’ll continue on my slow and steady plan to weight loss success.

How was your day?




Short and Sweet Just to Get Going Again

It has been way too long since I have updated this blog. I have been unwilling to acknowledge how poorly I’ve been treating my body over the past few months.

Part of it was stress.  Part of it was wanting to do whatever I want.  It was just a terrible downward spiral.

I can only take one step at a time to get back on track, and I’m starting today.  Here’s what I’m doing.

  • Cooking – I’m cooking my own food.  I’m trying to stick to meals with 50% veggies, 25% low-glycemic carbohydrates, and 25% protein.  I minimize fats and oils by using herbs for more flavor.
  • Tracking – I started using MyFitnessPal to track my food and exercise, so I can see where I stand at the end of each day.
  • Exercising – Today it was ten minutes on the bike, plus a few push-ups and sit-ups.  Each day will be a little bit more.
  • Blogging – I’m blogging to rekindle relationships and build new ones.  I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, especially those with similar goals!

I will probably start doing videos again, and I expect I will share some recipes, once I think I have them right.  I just want to share my journey, because it helps me reach my goal.  I hope you’ll join me.

So, after ignoring the scale for several months, I stepped on it today to see the following number:  343.5.  Yuck!  I thought I exceeded my previous high, but this still is not good.  Time for some success!

Feel free to say hi and let me know what you’ve been doing! is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.


Motivated By What Your Body Can Do

The process of losing weight can be really boring. Eating right and exercising each week, waiting for the scale to change gets old, especially if you’re doing the same exercise over and over!

A more exciting aspect of losing weight is realizing what you are able to do with your body as you shed pounds. Things you could not do with your bigger body are now possible. What goals do you want to accomplish with your new body? is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.

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