Weekly Weigh Day 03/08/2010

It’s time for the weekly weigh day. Every Monday morning, I face off with the scale. It’s always a little give and take.

Last week started off strong but fell off a cliff near the end. How does this impact the scale? Play the video and find out. :)


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5 Responses to “Weekly Weigh Day 03/08/2010”

  • Last weekend I did the Weekend Warrior Challenge that was started by Brandon (http://solongfatass.com) Is this the challenge you are referring to? There were a lot of people that took part in that. We all came up with our own individual challenges, we were supposed to come up with about 3 each. For mine I picked ones that I really wanted to work on. They were things directly applicable to what I needed (or what I struggled with). I chose #1 – to exercise 3 times between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. #2 was to walk at least 1 5K distance. #3 was to write down what I was going to order at a restaurant before I went out with my husband on Sunday. #4 was to keep track of all the extra snacks or little “tastes” I had of my daughter’s food. Doing these 4 things really helped me.

    I agree with you… if you’ve never done pull ups don’t include that in your plan. What are a few things that you already do that you would like to see yourself do more of? If you typically exercise one time over a weekend then make it a goal to exercise 2 times. If you typically walk 2 miles then make it a goal to walk three… etc… Or what are a few things that typically are not as “good” as they could be? No matter what pick something that you can manage.

    Take care!

  • Hey, false advertising! That wasn’t a weigh-in video :-)

    Have you decided on a challenge yet?

    And….how was your weigh in?

  • Derek:

    Wow, I’ve been so lame this week. I didn’t realize I posted the wrong video. It’s fixed now. :)

    I tried to do some squats, and I was surprised how challenging they are. I’ll probably make a decision by next Friday.

  • Derek:

    I didn’t participate in the Weekend Warrior Challenge, and I wish I had. It’s a great idea!

    I like the idea of doing the two hundred squats program. Once you determine your current fitness level (i.e., how many squats you can do today), you follow a six-week plan (three days a week) to reach the goal of two hundred squats. I saw Brandon tweet about finishing the squats challenge, and it encouraged me to try it myself.

  • Hey Derek, I was confused by no weigh in too but I just didn’t question it… LOL. I just watched your weigh in… good that you still lost 1/2 pound. Keep focus and keep it up. Even 1/2 pound losses over time create big losses.

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