Lost and Found Weigh Day

As I got off the scale today, I remembered a crazy idea I once had that weight did not get lost or gained; it just gets redistributed!

I know that can’t possibly be true, but doesn’t it sure seem that way sometimes? Feel free to call me crazy. I can take it.


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6 Responses to “Lost and Found Weigh Day”

  • My weigh ins have just not been what they should be. It’s not the scale’s fault. I’ve had stretches of days where I do great and then I just stumble and fall for a few. It all counts. I have to be vigilant all of the time.

    Is there anything that I can do to help you out here? I know I don’t know you really at all, but is there some way I can help you stay on track? Looks like the red x’s are counting up. I hope next weigh in is better. Hang in there and be strong. you’ve been down low before and you can get there again.

  • Derek:

    I will get there again, and I sincerely appreciate the encouragement. I’m glad I finally reached out to the online weight-loss community and found people like you to give feedback, provide support and drop the occasional reality check. It’s making the journey a little bit easier.

  • Jess:

    Alright! Got to watching your weigh-in video and just wanted to say, DON’T BE DISCOURAGED. You know you’ve been at 260 before (so you have the ability to get there) and you’re still 30 pounds down! That’s 10% from highest weight. I’m not saying quit now, but I’m saying to not trivialize your hard work and to remember your strengths.

    I’ll try to do my best to give you as much positive encouragement as possible and hopefully in that way, you stay accountability to me (because I’m an evil bitch like that Jillian crazy woman).

  • Wow, can I just echo Jess and Lynne’s statements above? Hang in there. Why does this have to be such a struggle? I don’t know the answer, but hopefully you’ll have better results next week.

  • Derek:

    Thank you, Jess. Positive encouragement is great!

  • Derek:

    Thank you, Josie. I guess we all have our struggles, and this is ours.

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