Weekly Weigh Day 03/22/2010

Okay, I’m a day late reporting my weekly encounter with the scale. I don’t have a good excuse. The news isn’t terrible though.

I appreciate all of the great comments and encouragement. It’s a great community we have here, and I’m glad we can support each other as we take our journeys to healthier lives.


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3 Responses to “Weekly Weigh Day 03/22/2010”

  • Agh, I don’t have sound on this computer. Fill me in, did you lose? gain? maintain? I’m glad the news isn’t “terrible” – but you’re right. This community is the best and have really helped me to stay accountable.

    I’ll listen to your video tonight!

  • I have the results Josie! He’s down, he’s down, he’s down!!!!!!! Great job on your 2 1/2 pound loss man! I bet that feels great. Keep up the good work. I saw a lot more green on your sheet this week. :) I also like the stairs and the parking garage idea – GOOD STUFF.

  • Derek:

    Thanks, Lynne and Josie. I’m glad I’m down. Now I just want to make this a trend!

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