“Climb Miami” is a Success

I did it!  I climbed to the top of the Wachovia Bank building in Miami.  It’s a 55-story building with 1,210 steps.  I pushed and pushed to make it to the top.

I left the hotel about one hour and forty minutes before my scheduled time.  It took me about forty minutes to walk about 1.5 miles to the Wachovia Bank building.  I quickly registered and waited for my start time.

As I waited, I caught up with a few people I have not seen in a while.  There was also food and entertainment.  I was able to get some cold water to make sure I was well-hydrated for the climb.


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When my start time approached, I lined up with the other climbers.  We were carefully spaced out, so climbers were not piled on top of each other. I waited patiently for my turn.

When I was given the signal, I started quickly.  I skipped steps, and I made it up a few flights of stairs fairly quickly.  Then, it was like hitting a brick wall.  I just could not keep that pace. 

So, I resorted to very methodically and steadily taking one step at a time.  I could not do it continously.  I had to pause at various times throughout the journey to the top.

When I paused, I could feel my heart racing.  My body was getting quite a workout.  I soon realized that I should not just stop climbing.  Instead, I needed to keep moving, just at a slower pace (i.e., I’d walk back and forth on the landing before climbing again).

During the whole climb, I kept checking my progress.  At the eleventh floor, I knew I had finished 20% of my goal.  At the 22nd floor, I knew I had finished 40% of my goal.  It kept my mind busy.  The more I accomplished, the better I felt.

When I finally made it to the top, about 20 minutes after I started, I was given a bottle of water and promptly drank it.  It took a few minutes for me to get my heart rate down, but I eventually was able to enjoy my accomplishment.

After I made it back down to ground-level, I was able to enjoy some delicious foods from healthy wraps to frozen yogurt to cheese danish.  It was more calories than I burned, but I think I deserved it.

When I left the event area, I walked the 1.5 miles back to the hotel.  It was a beautiful day in Miami.

Breakfast:  Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon; Potatoes

Morning Snack:  various treats

Lunch:  Chinese food

Dinner:  Seafood Masaman Curry

Dessert:  Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Exercise:  walked 3 miles and climbed 1,210 steps.

“Climb Miami” is Tomorrow

Starting LineTomorrow is the big day!  I am finally going to make the 1,210-step journey to the top of the 55-story Wachovia Bank building in Miami.  I know I will finish.  I just do not know how long it will take.

I started off with a weekly training plan.  I started going to the gym on Saturday morning to climb stairs on the stepper for twenty minutes.  It was difficult.

I decided to increase the training plan to two times per week.  I made it one day during the week, but I think that happened only once.  I just was not that motivated to get to the gym that early in the morning.


EatingIntuitively.com is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.

As the event got closer, I decided I needed to step up the training plan, and I had planned to go to the gym for the two weeks before “Climb Miami”.  I think I went just one day. 

Whether or not I think I am prepared for the event, I know I will finish.  I will push my body, and I will be successful.

To ensure I will get to the event on time, I am actually staying in Miami tonight.  I didn’t go through the effort to find a hotel with a refrigerator and oven.  So, I am relying on restaurants for my meals.  I had a submarine sandwich and some sushi for dinner.

Have you participated in a physical event such as “Climb Miami”?  How did you do?  What did you learn?

Breakfast:  Cranberry Orange Pastry; Cottage Cheese, 1% Fat; Pineapple, fresh; Bread, whole-wheat; Morning Coffee

Morning Snack:  Ham, low-fat; Mandarin Oranges

Lunch:  Pasta with Beef; Cabbage, raw; FF Dressing

Afternoon Snack:  Cheese Puffs

Dinner:  Subway Club; Sushi

Drinks:  Crystal Light; diet soda

Exercise:  none today.

Pedometer:  ?

“Climb Miami” Plan Gets An Adjustment

SleepingThis is day two of my new training plan for “Climb Miami”, and there has already been an adjustment.  I intended to get up this morning at 4:30am, get dressed, and go to the gym by 5am.  Unfortunately, I could not do it.

I think the shock of returning to work after a week off made me too tired to get out of bed this morning.  It is much easier to transition into a week-long vacation than it is to return back to work after a week off.  Very abrupt!


EatingIntuitively.com is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.

So, my new training plan has me going to the gym tomorrow morning and Friday morning.  I’ll also go on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Next week’s plan has yet to be determined.

I guess I am spoiled by having gym equipment in my home.  I am so turned off by having to get ready for the gym.  I don’t like driving there.  I wish I didn’t have to see strangers that early in the morning.  I much rather just go to another room to exercise.

At one point in time, I felt it was absolutely necessary to have a recumbent bike at home.  I couldn’t imagine any other scenario where I could actually exercise.  Going to the gym was out.  Walking didn’t seem feasible.  The recumbent bike made the most sense, but I digress.

I am focused on “Climb Miami” now.  I will train for the event, and I will do my best.  I don’t expect to break any records, but I will feel a great sense of accomplishment for both the physical activity and the money I raise for American Lung Association.

Breakfast:  Apple Strudel Bar; Egg; Banana; Morning Coffee; Cracker, Honeymaid Graham Crackers (Nabisco) ,Low Fat Honey

Morning Snack:  Chicken Breast; Banana

Lunch:  Chicken Noodle Soup; Cucumber; FF Dressing

Afternoon Snack:  BBQ Soy Chips

Dinner:  Mushroom Gravy with Rice and Salisbury Steak; Artichoke (Globe or French); Mandarin Oranges; Oil, canola, olive, peanut, safflower; Pasta, cooked al dente

Dessert:  Fudge Brownie

Drinks:  Crystal Light

Exercise:  none.  See above.

Pedometer:  ?

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