First Chat Session with NutriSystem Counselor

NutriSystem CounselingI had my first chat session with a NutriSystem counselor today.  It was incredibly easy.  I went to the NutriSystem website and found the Counseling section.  Within a few clicks, I was chatting with a counselor.

My issue was not a big issue, but the counselor did help me.  She was friendly and suppportive.  She “listened” intently while I chatted about my issue.  It was a really good experience.

Today, my hunger arrived early.  I ate lunch, and I was hungry an hour later.  I ate my afternoon snack.  It wasn’t long before I was hungry again.

When I’ve been in this same situation in the past, I usually went for whatever I could find.  This time I read the nutritional information on the muffins in the freezer, and I was shocked by the 280 calories per muffin (before butter spread)! is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.

I stopped to think about the smart choices available to me, at least in terms of calories.  There wasn’t much in the pantry or the refrigerator, but there were some peas in the freezer.  I checked the calories, and they were certainly less than the muffin.  I made the peas, added a small amount of butter spread, and I enjoyed them.  I felt good.

Later, I decided to contact a counselor, because I wanted to know what they suggest for these situations.  The answer came quickly!  She told me I can have more salad vegetables (up to three servings).  I can also have sugar-free gelatin or light popcorn.  I’ve added both to my shopping list.

I’ve been reluctant to use the free counseling, because I didn’t want to admit a weakness.  For some reason, today I saw the free counseling as the expert source of staying on track with NutriSystem.  I thought a counselor would have the right answer quickly, and she did.

Not everybody has access to the free counseling offered by NutriSystem, but everybody needs a little support once in a while.  Trying to eat healthy all the time can be a challenge.  What do you when you need support?  Do you call someone or go to a group meeting?  Please share what you do in the Comments section below.

Breakfast:  NutriCinnamon Squares Cereal; Egg Whites; Cranberries, dried; Bread, oatmeal; Morning Coffee

Morning Snack:  Fish, baked or broiled; Cranberries, dried

Lunch:  Fettucini Alfredo; Lettuce, green or red leaf; FF Dressing

Afternoon Snack:  White Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Dinner:  Chicken Breast Patty; Tomato; Strawberries; Oil, canola, olive, peanut, safflower; Chickpeas, garbanzo beans, cooked; Bread, sourdough

Dessert:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Drinks:  Crystal Light; water

Exercise:  30 minutes with personal trainer.  I’ve reached my exercise goal for the week, and I am going on a hike tomorrow!

Pedometer:  ?

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