Cooking to Fight Food Boredom

When I discover a new food I like, watch out. I will eat that food and eat that food and keep eating until I can’t stand it. Yes, I wear it out. I get bored!

Variety is extremely important for my success in almost anything I do. So, I am determined to bring more variety to the food eat. If you like to cook in a healthy way, please help out by sharing a recipe or a cooking technique. is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.

Hello, My Name Is…

When someone disappears for a long-time and suddenly appears on the scene again, don’t you think it is necessary to get re-introduced?

I’m ashamed how long it has been since I’ve shared a video, and I’m a bit embarassed by my lack of progress. I think re-connecting with people who have similar goals will get me back on track. is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.

Weigh Day 04/19/2010

After a three-week absence, I get on the scale. I’ve been sick. I’ve been on vacation. I ate lots of crap. So, how did the scale treat me?

My absence gave me time to think about what I need to do to get back on track and stay there. I know for sure this community is important. I have some more ideas, too. Stay tuned. is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem, Inc.

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